2nd Streetlight Estate Winery

Wine is so much more than a beverage. It’s a story, a drama, a romance, a dream.

Many have been called to the shores of Lake Huron to set down roots in Canada’s Prettiest Town. After finding the perfect property, just two streetlights outside of Goderich, work began to clear and transform a property to make it ready for planting five different varieties of vines: Cabernet Franc, Baco Noir, Vidal, Chardonnay, and Riesling.

With a beautiful retail store, tasting area, and event space, 2nd Streetlight Estate Winery is a significant contributor to bringing a new (but old) industry back to Ontario’s West Coast.

Enjoy the sophisticated notes of 2nd Streetlight Estate Winery. Be transported into a dream of great tastes!


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