5 Chicks and a Farmer

Five Chicks and a Farmer would be a phenomenal name for a country band. It’s even more apt for this McKillop farm outside of Seaforth that produces pastured chicken, turkey, heritage breed pork as well as grain fed beef.

This farm is owned by farmers John and Sarah and their four daughters.

Five Chicks and a Farmers offers healthy, delicious, and convenient products, raised ethically. In their words, know your farmer and know where your food comes from.

Five Chicks and A Farmer partake in mix farming, which offers a number of benefits including cycling nutrients and improving soil. One of the cornerstones they employ is rotational grazing, which moves the livestock around a pasture in limited small areas at a time. Keeping up with progressive technology and ideas, this farm is not your grandpa’s old operation.

Stock up your freezer by ordering on their online store. You can bulk buy for even greater value. Try a monthly meat supply of mixed pork cuts, beef cuts, winter freezer box, quarter or half beef, or a whole or half pig.

You can also order smaller quantities. Don’t miss checking our Five Chicks and a Farmer’s great recipes online as well.

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