Bad Apple Brewing Company Ltd.

You could say Bad Apple is a business literally born in a barn! After buying their forever home and property including a beautiful farm horse, century barn and almost five acres of orchard, Huron County welcomed home the Ingram family.

Rich in apple and cherry trees, five different varieties of grapes, and black and red currants, experimenting in home brews evolved into an on-site distillery. Their first beer is called just that—Born in a Barn!

Soon, their permits also grew to allow them to expand into a craft brewery, with their flagship beer called West Coast White, a wheat beer spiced with a hint of cardamom. It is a bestseller still!

Their barn beckons you to explore more than beverages. Their store features other local companies such as coffee, kombucha, charcuteries boards, spices, and more.

Special in the fall, come apple picking in the orchard, affectionately called the Bad Apple Badlands! Then top off your experience with sampling the latest craft beers!

Be part of the Bad Apple social hub. There are no bad apples here!


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