Bayfield Lavender Farm

Forgiveness is the smell that lavender gives you when you tread on it,” says Mark Twain. This is what greets you on Bayfield Lavender Farm’s website, aptly reflecting the range of emotion and feelings that lavender elicits.

Bayfield Lavender Farm is a story of patience. After relocating from Toronto to a storied farmhouse near Bayfield, a discovery of an overgrown French lavender plot prompted research, tireless grooming, and experimentation.

The result? Homegrown, handmade small batches of lavender products infused with natural ingredients such as goat’s milk, lard, wood ash, dried buds, and distilled oils.
Find some comfort by collecting an assembly of lavender sachets, bubble bath, sprays, and beeswax candles… all made naturally.

Mark Twain knew what he was talking about.


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