Blyth Farm Cheese

Gouda great! Royally great! So says the Royal Agriculture Winter Fair of Blyth Farm’s award-winning cheeses.

Derived from sheep’s milk, Blyth Farm’s artisan cheeses are made in a Gouda style, in small batches, by hand on the VanDorp family farm near Blyth, Ontario.

Try the popular Blyth Eweda in its regular form, or aged to distinction, or smoked in applewood. Cumin, garlic, jalpeno, nettle, mead and honey are just some of the flavours gracing the variety of cheeses. And don’t miss their stand-out Golden Blyth, their only cheese made from goat’s milk, locally sourced.

Grazing on 150 acres of pasture, Blyth Farm’s sheep are milked for 200 to 240 days, twice a day, fed with hay and grain from the farm.

Blyth Farm Cheese takes center stage with their award-winning flavours!


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