Cedar Villa Angus Farms

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This fifth and sixth generation father and son farming operation lies between Zurich, Ontario and Lake Huron. A future seventh generation farmer is in training to learn the family business.

Raising black angus cattle, chickens, and pigs, Cedar Villa treats their livestock with the utmost care. They operate a cow-calf operation, which means that a herd of mother cows is maintained to produce calves for sale. Both calf and cow remain together to graze on pasture, and also receive hay and mixed grains customized on the farm for generations. All livestock is free of added hormones and steroids.

Cedar Villa’s pigs are locally born weaners raised in non-crowded, loose housing. Their chickens are also raised in a loose housing environment with fresh bedding, water and air flow. They are also non-medicated and not fed hormones to promote growth.

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