Metzger's Meats

Fine meat pioneers. Hensall’s Metzger’s Meats’ products are worth the drive to their butchery in Hensall, Ontario although you can find their products in grocery stores across the region.

In European style, Metzger’s Meats offer high quality, one-of-a-kind, specially created meats sourced locally from trusted farms.

Famed for their smoked pork chops, you will be overwhelmed by the choice of selections at their butchery. You will want to make sure you have a cooler with you for your haul.

Every holiday is a unique expression of Metzer’s butchery creativity. From haggis on Robbie Burn’s Day, to Christmas themed salamis, to tomahawk steaks for Valentine’s Day, Metzger’s has everything you need to entertain family and friends.

Metzger Meats prides itself on producing healthy products, and fashionable presentations of ready-to-cook meats and traditional-smoked German delights.


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