The White Squirrel Bakery

The White Squirrel Bakery pays homage to the infamous playfulness of the unique white squirrels that call Exeter, Ontario home.

Every town deserves their own local bakery. Exeter called Victoria home to family after a distinguished career working in fine dining restaurants in England and Canada where she honed her skills for pastry, pasta and traditional Canadian cuisine.

This old-school styled bakery promises traditional handmade breads and bake goods made with locally sourced ingredients. From Arva’s flour mill, to Blyth’s Farm Cheese, to Miller’s Dairy, 1847 Flour, Coastal Coffee, and Mountain Oak Cheese, all their ingredients have regional roots.

The White Squirrel Bakery’s open concept invites you to the show of watching breads being baked through the street window. Or come inside and delight in the smells of rising bread and fresh baked pastries.

Enjoy seasonal treats such as sourdough focaccia, pain au chocolat, and croissants. Then sit back and enjoy Exeter’s other white squirrels as bonus entertainment!


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