Wholesome Pastures

This forward thinking and innovative regenerative farm is located on your way to the cottage or beaches of Lake Huron.

Mike and Lindsay put a lot of research, innovation and thought into their regenerative practices including strip or rotational pasture grazing their grass fed + finished beef and lamb. Additionally, they have colourful pasture raised eggs from hens who live freely alongside the ruminant animals. Meat chicken is also raised on pasture in mini huts that are moved daily to allow for natural scratching, foraging and fertilizing. Soil health and biodiversity are highly valued on this family farm. Cover crops are utilized regularly as direct feed for grazing or grown, cut, baled and wrapped for fermented winter feed.

Both having grown up in Huron County, Mike and Lindsay are familiar with the area and local shops. They work tirelessly to connect with local producers and establishments to support one another’s business. This has proven helpful in hosting bee hives, custom leather work and jewelry hardware sourcing. All products are raised or produced within 15km of the home farm with the exception of 2 items that require 90km. Supporting the local economy is a top priority!

Visit their farm gate store or browse the website to shop with the Groot family at Wholesome Pastures.

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